Pre-Launch Protocol: How to Position Your Book to Be a Sales Success

Once your book is written, you’ll turn your efforts toward giving it the best possible chance to get attention, engage readers, and sell.

Launching a book happens in three stages: pre-launch; launch; and post-launch.

All three stages have an effect on the long-term sales success of your book. In this episode, Pamela and Jeff talk about best practices for each stage and how to position your book to maximize sales on launch and in the future.

One thing that helps? Getting a few well-known people to endorse your book before it launches.

In this episode Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • What “sticky statements” are, and why you need them in each chapter of your book
  • The three-part approach to book launches and how to optimize each stage
  • One surprising fact about book endorsements (that left Pamela speechless)
  • An innovative approach to beefing up opening week sales

The Show Notes