Why It Takes a Village (and at Least a Couple Editors) to Get Your Book Done

Getting your first draft written isn’t where your book’s journey stops. It’s just a stop along the way to presenting it — fully formed — to the world.

Jeff Goins is back on Zero to Book! In this episode, Pamela Wilson asks him a couple of questions she’s been pondering while he was away.

Questions like:

What’s the magic length for a non-fiction book? And is the ideal word count about making the physical book feel more substantial — or is it about making content that’s just long enough to get the job done?

What kind of editor does one need once the first draft is done? It turns out, there are more types of editors than Jeff can even name. But he picks out two types of editing that are absolutely crucial for a well-structured book and makes some recommendations.

Jeff also details his “Five Draft Method” for writing a book. Don’t miss it.

In this episode, Jeff Goins and Pamela Wilson discuss:

  • Which specialized editors every book needs — and the crucial input they offer
  • The perfect length for your book and even for individual chapters
  • Jeff’s “Five Draft” method for writing a book

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