Everything You Need to Know About Recommendations on LinkedIn

Jabez LeBret joins us to share the best tips and tactics for giving (and receiving) excellent recommendations on LinkedIn.

Jabez LeBret is back and he went all out in this episode to teach you everything you need to know about making (and receiving) recommendations on LinkedIn.

Recommendations matter to your profile and to the relationships you have with your connections. You want to make sure they’re helpful, true, and done right the first time. You’ll understand who to ask, what types of recommendations there are, what the purpose is, and so much more.

Surprise Announcement! Jabez LeBret will be the new host of The Missing Link because Sean Jackson jumped ship! Or maybe Sean is taking over another podcast and Jabez is the perfect man to take The Missing Link on our continued journey for you to learn how to leverage LinkedIn like the pros. Mica will stay steady as we make this awesome transition so stay tuned for more information, helpful guests, and answers to your burning questions — even the one’s you didn’t know you needed to ask!

In this highly recommended episode you’ll learn …

  • Who to get recommendations from
  • How to ask for a recommendation like a pro
  • The three types of LinkedIn recommendations
  • How long to wait before following up
  • The most important part of giving a recommendation
  • What to do if your opinion changes
  • How to manage your recommendations
  • The Show Notes