How the 2016 Presidential Election Will Impact Brands

Vinny Minchillo could well give “The Most Interesting Man in the World” a run for his money. Here’s why …

Vinny Minchillo, principal at Glass House Strategy, is a top Republican political advertising consultant, having led efforts for Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and George W. Bush. He is also a lawn mower racer; an award-winning novelist; a Wheel of Fortune winner and a vintage typewriter enthusiast.

Having started his career in brand marketing for the likes of Subaru and JC Penney, he has taken a candidate’s name recgonition from 17% to 85% in a single ad, introduced the world to Joel McHale, and has been called “false and foolish” by the Chinese News Agency.

In this 38-minute episode Vinny and I discuss:

  • The slow adoption of digital in politics
  • Will the 2016 elections and the Summer Olympics be a perfect storm that drives ad CPMs through the roof?
  • What brand marketers can learn from election campaigns
  • How brands can tap into the inherent voter (and consumer) frustration we’re seeing manifest in the campaigns
  • Whether brands should reference politics in social and viral marketing
  • Why no one should be surprised at the ascent of Donald Trump as an outsider candidate

The Show Notes