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Digital CMO host Mike Orren discusses the origins and goals of the show and introduces a series of corporate marketer gatherings from IC Summits’ Will Frank.

Will Frank is a Co-Founder of IC Summits, which fosters regional integration and development by growing industry and community in advertising, marketing and technology.

Prior to founding IC SUMMITS, he co-directed a New York City financial services startup overseeing a portfolio of capital introduction events in niche markets throughout the Americas.

Will has also held positions with the American Hospital in Tbilisi and the Georgian Strategic Research Institute in the Republic of Georgia.

In this thirty minute episode, we discuss:

  • The origins and goals of The Digital CMO podcast
  • New conferences for and by brand marketers in Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Florida
  • Common themes arising from CMOs participating in these conferences
  • The best parts of the first five episodes of The Digital CMO
  • Our new studio digs at The Dallas Morning News

The Show Notes