102 The Beautiful Message Joseph Campbell Was Really Trying to Tell Us

In the last episode of Rough Draft, your host explored storytelling from a myriad of angles, culminating in a thorough vetting of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey concept.

This time we thoroughly vet Campbell, the man. And we do it with superstar Campbell scholar Robert Segal.

Professor Segal is an unstoppable fount of knowledge about Campbell and his work, particularly the Hero’s Journey.

This is a frolicking good ride for those who love myth, psychology, and storytelling. Not to mention a little treat from your host about 20 minutes in. NOT TO BE MISSED!

In this 55-minute episode you’ll discover:

  • Campbell’s habit of pitting myth against religion — and why it’s a mistake
  • Whether Campbell was more Freudian or Jungian
  • Why we shouldn’t look at Campbell as a guru
  • What myth is really about
  • The mystery of why British students are not smitten with Campbell the way Americans are
  • The thing about Campbell that frustrates Prof. Segal to no end (it’s really screwy)
  • And more!

The Show Notes