101 The Greatest Storytelling Guide This Side of Saturn

Marketers are agog over stories. For good reason …

A story lifts a person out of her ordinary world … and stories take her on a journey that ultimately leads to a vision of herself as a better version of herself.

This is marketing that educates your audience through the storytelling arc.

And one way to think about this process is episodic education. We are taking a page out of the playbook of cable television, motion pictures, commercials, radio, and animation.

But telling a good story is no easy matter. You need to know the elements that make up a great story. Which is why we marketers tend to lean on templates to tell those stories.

And one such template that we marketers are in love with is “The Hero’s Journey.”

But what is the hero’s journey? And who created it? And why should we care?

Well, in this 71-minute episode you’ll discover the answers to those questions, plus:

  • Whether storytelling has a future in a post-apocalyptic world
  • The best marketing story ever told
  • The number one reason marketers need to tell stories
  • The best framework to use when telling a story
  • 4 cute facts about Joseph Campbell just about anyone will appreciate
  • What the leading Campbell scholar thinks of The Hero’s Journey (hint: it’s tangentially related to LSD)
  • The 5 things every great marketing story needs
  • And what great rappers have in common with great stories

The Show Notes