Becoming a Student in the Game of Entrepreneurship

My guest today is a student of the startups, a connector, and an entrepreneur.

He started out in brand management for Unilever, where he spent almost two years and became one of the most successful marketers in the history of the company.

He was then picked up by Centoria, where he acted as its Entrepreneur In Residence for eight months.

This led him to attending a startup incubator where he came up with an idea, assembled a team of neuroscientists, and launched a product and business called TruBrain. TruBrain is a performance food and beverage brand that helps entrepreneurs and high performers achieve their best.

Now, let’s hack …

Chris Thompson.

In this 47-minute episode Chris Thompson and I discuss:

  • Learning the rules of entrepreneurship before diving in head first
  • Applying existing methodologies while generating new ideas
  • Chris’ path to success and how he arrived at the idea for TruBrain
  • Starting off small and controlled versus going for the big ideas off the bat
  • The challenge of creating a market and providing the necessary education for TruBrain

The Show Notes