How to Consistently Take Action (and Allow Your Business to Emerge)

My guest today started building websites for real estate companies at 22. He initially started doing this from his parents toy closet, after he was scammed out of $12,000 for a sham online business.

Starting over again with almost nothing, he asked countless questions and passionately learned about his client’s problems and, as a result, his business grew rapidly.

Now he wants to help people like you and me.

He describes himself as the ‘Head Honcho’ of The Foundation, a 6-month online mentoring program through which entrepreneurs learn about starting and scaling software companies.

Now, let’s hack …

Dane Maxwell.

In this 50-minute episode Dane Maxwell and I discuss:

  • Why you cannot be anyone you want to be
  • Taking consistent action and allowing a business to emerge
  • Your business is never about you, it’s about what service you can be to others
  • The power of consistent, committed, daily action
  • How to work and focus on your state of being

The Show Notes