I’m Always Happy, But I’m Never Content

My guest today is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of Headsets.com, which has over 943,722 customers.

My guest started Headsets.com in 1997 when he couldn’t find a supplier with a good selection of headsets, fast shipping, or good product support. He says he is fanatic about giving customer love; so much so that every package the company ships includes a Tootsie Roll.

He is also the Founder of ReserveDinners.com, a not-for-profit organization, which offers a dining with celebrities experience, and aims to raise money for the honoured celebrity guests favourite cause.

Now, let’s hack …

Mike Faith.

In this 32-minute episode Mike Faith and I discuss:

  • The true value of having a powerful desire to succeed
  • Learning when the business you have is a lifetime business
  • Why you should constantly be reading books and learning
  • Mastering the art of delegation
  • Assigning the right person to the right project

The Show Notes