Why You Need to Start Before You’re Ready

My guest today is a world traveling entrepreneur that has ambitions to change the world.

He is the cofounder and CMO of Serengetee, an apparel company that uses unique fabrics from all over the world. They launched their company in early 2012, from their dorm rooms, with zero outside investment or funding … just their own $3,000 that they scrounged up together.

They have built a team of 22 employees and a 1,000+ team of campus and high school reps that promote their causes and brand.

They donate 5% of each purchase to a current of 32 causes.

Now, let’s hack …

Ryan Westberg.

In this 28-minute episode Ryan Westberg and I discuss:

  • How Ryan stays true to the original reason he started Serengetee
  • The moment that Ryan saw the huge potential in his business
  • Adjusting structures and processes based on market changes

The Show Notes