Converting Content: How Long is Long Enough? How to Know if You’re Turning Perfect Customers Away

If you’ve ever written content and wondered ‘how long should it be and what should I include?’ this episode is for you.

This week we’re talking about how long your content should be. How much information do you need to give your reader to encourage them to sign up, buy, get in touch or take action? How much content is too much and is there such a thing? Should you use jargon, or assume that your reader knows what you’re talking about?

Tune in to find out

  • Why jargon can bring you closer to your reader (but not if you use it like a pretentious coffee shop…)
  • How to use the Wikipedia Effect to make sure industry terms are accessible to pros and beginners alike
  • Why you need to know the 3 levels of familiarity before you decide on your content length

The Show Notes