The Scientific Process of Building a Business

My guest today is a creator, user experience expert, eternal optimist, and an entrepreneur.

Back in 2002, he started building businesses as the founder and head creative behind The Paper, an independent and online student newspaper.

Then, due to an injury that had him bedridden, he taught himself to code. With this newfound skill, he built the early foundations for what was to become StageBloc.

Over the next five and a half years, he brought on co-founders and just over $600,000 in funding to grow the company. StageBloc was acquired by Fullscreen in March 2015.

Now, let’s hack …

Tom Giles.

In this 36-minute episode Tom Giles and I discuss:

  • The importance of planning and Tom’s three-phased 10-year plan
  • How Tom created a successful business from what was meant to be a personal outlet
  • Bringing on partners who share the passion and vision for your business
  • Stagebloc’s acquisition and its effect on the company’s time and resources
  • Using an internal mission statement as a guide when taking on new projects

The Show Notes