Money is the Outcome of Success (Not the Cause)

My guest today is a leader, speaker, Marxist-capitalist, and a smart entrepreneur.

During the past 20 years, he has bootstrapped a printing company called Webmart, dealt with the rise of the Internet in his market, and thrived based on his principles.

He firmly believes traditional business is broken and too focused on the exploitation of workers, customers, and partners. So he has build Webmart to be focused on the happiness of his team.

He calls his approach “Marxist-capitalism”, explaining it as a direct way of using the profits to go directly into the people on the team. My guest believes that if you keep the people around you happy, they’ll do great work.

Now, let’s hack …

Simon Biltcliffe.

In this 41-minute episode Simon Biltcliffe and I discuss:

  • The positive impact of saying thank you and showing genuine appreciation
  • How Simon employs a “Marxist-Capitalism” business model that is centered around the happiness and well-being of his team
  • Focusing on the emotional and intellectual needs of your team in order to get to the desired financial outcome
  • The importance of experimenting with new ideas and learning from their failure

The Show Notes