Fix These 7 About Page Mistakes for More Traffic and (Possibly) Better SEO

“You’re so vain … you probably think your About page is about you …”

A recent Google update has a lot of sites looking to improve their About pages. (We’ll talk more about that update in a future episode.)

About pages are pretty simple — but that doesn’t mean people don’t sometimes screw them up. In this episode, I’ll talk about 7 common mistakes I see on About pages, and how to spruce them up again.

In this 16-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Why a recent Google update has a lot of folks scrambling to improve their About pages
  • When to get creative with your About page (and when not to)
  • The elements that really, truly have to be there
  • Why a good About page can improve your links and shares
  • How to focus your About page on your audience, not yourself

The Show Notes

We have a lot of links for you this time, since every one of these steps is something that Copyblogger has published in-depth content about, often more than once.