Are You Making These Social Media Marketing Mistakes?

Busting social media marketing myths with Social Media Lab’s Scott Ayres.

Social media marketing is one of those topics that invites a lot of lore: snippets of advice that get passed around that don’t really match up with objective reality.

AgoraPulse thought this was a great opportunity, and they launched the Social Media Lab podcast. They spend $15,000 a month (or more) running experiments to find out what really works.

In this 33-minute episode, I talk with their co-host Scott Ayres about some of SML’s findings, including:

  • The reality behind Facebook’s “penalty” for third-party posting tools
  • The right number of Instagram hashtags to use … and the right spot to place them
  • The most effective content format for LinkedIn (freelance writers, you need to know about this)
  • How the much-hyped Instagram Carousel actually performs
  • The ridiculously powerful Facebook feature you might not be using yet

The Show Notes