How to Develop a Compelling Marketing Idea in 4 Steps

Want to be more persuasive? You need to start with a great idea. Here’s how to develop one.

We think of ideas as coming in a flash of inspiration … but when you’re talking about the “big idea” that informs persuasive communication, it pays to actually develop your idea systematically.

Brian Clark thinks a lot about what makes for a great copywriting premise — that big idea that attracts an audience and makes them want to hear more.

In this 21-minute episode, I steal borrow some ideas from Brian’s ebook to talk about:

  • The four elements of a great premise, and how to develop them
  • Some ways to develop a premise that’s fresh and interesting
  • The necessary (and sometimes difficult) work of finding simplicity
  • The key difference between good storytelling and just telling lies
  • Why the truth can sometimes feel like hype … and what to do about it

The Show Notes

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