Content Marketing News for February, 2016

Super Bowl ads, the U.S. elections, and a shifting climate for pay per click — plus a reader question on how a new player can get lift off in content marketing


Today we’re talking about content marketing news and trends — and how the larger trends apply to a smaller business that might not have a Super Bowl budget.

This week’s reader question comes from Ken Carroll on Twitter:

It’s getting harder and harder for new players to get lift off through content marketing. So, how? Your recommendations?

You can leave your own question in the comments below, for possible inclusion in a future show!

In this 22-minute episode, Sonia talks about:

  • What you can learn from the U.S. elections, even if you hate politics
  • The difference between attention and conversion
  • The social media “ride-along” for this year’s Super Bowl ads
  • Our recommendations for squeezing every penny out of your advertising
  • What the rise of ad-blocking software means for site owners
  • What’s harder (and easier) about content marketing today vs. a few years ago
  • How to develop a strong content voice
  • How to strengthen your network and promote your content


The Show Notes