A 10-Step ‘Checklist’ for Your Content Marketing Site

Have a new content site, or an existing site that needs more focus? Here’s a “checklist” of 10 things to keep in mind.

Whether you’re starting a brand-new content site or have one that just needs a spruce-up, great sites tend to share similar habits and structures.

Today, I talk about ten things to keep in mind, so you’re building your content on a rock-solid foundation.

By the way — if you like text content, this podcast episode is an audio version of a Copyblogger post: The 10-Step Content Marketing Site Checklist.

In this 19-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Key elements to have in place for your site, including your own domain, solid security, and great-looking design
  • The keys to creating content that’s worth reading, viewing, or listening to. (Our upcoming publication checklist can help you with that as well!)
  • Crafting the “cornerstone” content that supports the authority of your site
  • When to add an email list to your publication tasks
  • Taking your content to a larger audience

The Show Notes

We have a lot of links for you this time, since every one of these steps is something that Copyblogger has published in-depth content about, often more than once.