The 3 Keys to Publishing Strong Content … Even If You Aren’t a ‘Great’ Writer (Yet)

How can we find the confidence to publish regularly — when we’re not completely confident in our writing ability yet?

“Publish regularly!” is one of the frequent commandments of content success.

“Only publish high-quality content” is another frequent commandment of content success.

How do we reconcile them? How can we work up the confidence to click Publish when we aren’t “great writers” yet?

In this 20-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Being kinder to ourselves when we’re beating ourselves up with creative perfectionism
  • The three elements that will let you create worthwhile content, even if you aren’t “great” (yet)
  • The kind of practice that leads to superior craftsmanship
  • Deciding what you will … and won’t … sweat the details on.

The Show Notes