How to Turn Pro as a Freelance Writer

Darrell had the opportunity to interview guest Ed Gandia — from High-Income Business Writing — on what it takes to go pro as a freelancer.

In this conversation, Ed talks about the power of copywriting, clear goals, pain points and strategies for freelancers, and why he created a coaching business to “help writers … earn more in less time doing work they love for better clients.”

In this episode, Darrell and Ed talked about:

  • How Ed transitioned to a full-time freelance copywriter (with no writing background)
  • The moment he narrowed down to his target market and the rapid change that followed
  • What your prospects really want to know about you
  • Short-term vs long-term mindset, and building a freelance career that you love
  • Why “hope” is not a professional strategy
  • Proven strategies for building recurring income and clients
  • Why luck is a myth, and why you should never trade your time for money
  • And much more …

The Show Notes