How Copywriting Teacher Belinda Weaver Reenergized Her Email List for Massive Engagement

Some advice from Rainmaker Digital Services spun copywriter and teacher Belinda Weaver into a surprising new direction with her content.

When our colleague Robert Bruce told me about some advice he’d given copywriter Belinda Weaver, and that she was seeing great success with it, I knew I wanted to have her on CopybloggerFM to tell us more about it.

In this 25-minute episode, Belinda and I talk about:

  • How she’s created nearly 200 nurturing emails for her audience — without spending a ton of work
  • The SEO-friendly, audience-friendly, and business-friendly advice that Robert gave her
  • Why she deleted the opt-in incentive for her email list, and why that hasn’t slowed her list growth

The Show Notes