3 Reasons Why Really Good Writers Sometimes Can’t Find Great Clients

Three ways that good writers can find the great clients they deserve.

It really does break my heart to see a terrific writer who can’t find those wonderful writing clients — the ones who have interesting work to do, and the budget to pay for great execution.

In this 13-minute session, I talk about:

  • Why I believe “success is a skill” for writers (or anyone), and how you can acquire it
  • The role luck plays in your success
  • What great clients will (and won’t) pay for
  • How to keep yourself from putting your premium skills into a crappy package
  • The role that prospecting plays in keeping your client list full and your bank balance happy

The Show Notes

  • If Certification seems like something you might have an interest in, you can find out more about it here.
  • Feel free to say hi or ask a question over on LinkedIn @soniasimone — or I always enjoy hearing from you right here in the comments 🙂