How to Use the GDPR to Make Your Business Stronger than Ever

Lots of businesses and marketers are scrambling over the new data protection law, GDPR. But Tara Gentile is here to talk about some of the real-world benefits it can bring — not just to consumers, but to business.

This week, Tara Gentile swung by to talk about the GDPR (Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation), and some of the benefits it can bring, particularly to smaller businesses.

In this 26-minute episode, Tara and I talk about:

  • Privacy and transparency trends in the age of Cambridge Analytica
  • Why email marketing will probably work differently in the future, and how that can be a good thing
  • The “paradox of automation,” and how we can use it to serve our audiences
  • Why we should quit trying to hide that we’re in business to sell things

The Show Notes