New Year, New Copyblogger

In this episode, Darrell and Brian share about a new change to Copyblogger Media, and expose some of their exciting plans for the future of Copyblogger in 2020!

Brian, Darrell, and Tim Stoddart also explore the future of content marketing.

In this episode, Brian, Darrell, and Tim talked about:

  • How Copyblogger’s hierarchy and business model has changed in the last year
  • Meet Tim Stoddart, the newest Copyblogger partner. Tim is the CEO of a major SEO agency.
  • A preview of the big changes coming to Copyblogger in 2020
  • How the leadership team plans to utilize a modernized style of content strategy
  • Why success in digital marketing hinges on this one critical factor
  • How a “new wave” of education will influence Copyblogger’s content
  • And why “The Killer and the Poet” still informs the future of content marketing