The Quiet Power of Conversational Copy

A lot of us feel a tension between effective copywriting and content that fully respects our audiences. “Conversational Copywriter” Nick Usborne joins us to talk about why that’s a false choice.

Nick Usborne is an unusual writer. He has many years of direct response experience, but he talks more like a “content guy.” He’s here to talk about why we don’t have to choose between audience relationship and business results.

In this 27-minute episode, Nick and I talk about:

  • Why Nick was in some ways a “reluctant copywriter”
  • How a less-pushy approach works with the fundamentals of direct response like strong calls to action or using urgency in your message
  • How this kind of copy works for B2B marketing
  • Tackling the question of whether or not this kind of copy “works” as well as the hard-hitting stuff
  • The approach that some “copy sharks” take that Nick never will, and why

The Show Notes