The Surprising Truth about Earning a Profit from Your Content

There are four stages to creating a remarkable content experience. And so far we’ve explored three out of the four: authenticity, usefulness, and reliability. Today we discuss the fourth: profitability.


But this is not only about figuring out how to make a living from your content. Which is important, mind you. Because you can love what you are doing and not mind spending hours a day creating content … but eventually you have to make a profit.

That could be selling ads or subscriptions, but the preferred method is to sell digital products like ebooks, audio training courses, and membership sites.

However, there’s another kind of profitability you can’t ignore.

In this 21-minute episode you’ll discover what breed of profitability we’re talking about, plus:

  • What James Altucher really thinks about blogs
  • The method Buffer used to get visibility (fast)
  • What sci-fi writer and journalist Cory Doctrow thinks is your real problem (and it’s not money)
  • How Jeff Goins built a business without resorting to ads or a subscription model
  • Why your audience needs you to successfully monetize your site
  • The Maria Popova method to content monetization (it’s pretty dang simple)
  • How the hedgehog concept can help you find the content creation sweet spot
  • And more!


The Show Notes