How to Build a Community of Raving Fans

Chris chats with Jadah Seller of the wildly successful Simple Green Smoothies as they discuss how to build strong communities and what it can do for you and your online business.

If you’ve ever worried that giving away your content on social media will stall your efforts to build your email list and grow your empire … worry no more.

On episode 128 of The Youpreneur FM Podcast Jadah Sellner of the smashingly successful Simple Green Smoothies tells how they gave away their best recipes on Instagram, and still built an email list of over 300,000. 300,000!

Jadah and her co-founder Jen Hansard started Simple Green Smoothies just over 3 years ago on Instagram. What began as an addendum to their “mommy blogs” today has grown into an incredible, thriving business.

On this show she explains why their business is a prime example of how to utilize social media to give massive value online and touch the lives of millions.

In this 35 minute episode Jadah Sellner and I discuss:

  • Her simple tricks for providing value on Instagram.
  • Why giving away content on social media only helps you grow your empire.
  • Which of their programs has generated over a million dollars in sales?
  • How did they grow their email list to 300k without blogging or guest posting?
  • What are her top 3 tips to building a community?
  • Much, much more!

The Show Notes