How to Build Remarkable Products to Grow Your Business, with Ramit Sethi

This week on The Copyblogger Podcast, Tim Stoddart had the opportunity to speak with entrepreneur, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of, Ramit Sethi.

In this week’s conversation, Tim and Ramit dig into tricks for great copywriting, going for “big wins” to move the needle in your life and business, and product development that serves your audience better.

In this episode, Tim and Ramit talked about:

  • How Ramit defines a “rich life” and the origins of the concept of “big wins”
  • $3 questions vs. $30,000 questions
  • The myth of shrinking attention spans and the value of long-form copy
  • Why you need to challenge your own assumptions about the best channels for your business
  • Suggestions on how to get started
  • And much more!

The Show Notes