What You Should Talk about on Your Podcast, with Tara McMullin

Welcome back to The Copyblogger Podcast, and this week Darrell Vesterfelt speaks with podcasting expert Tara McMullin about the ins and outs of podcast production for content marketers.

In this week’s conversation, Darrell and Tara dive into what you should be talking about on your podcast, and how you can use content strategy to drive business growth.

In this episode, Darrell and Tara talked about:

  • How Tara got into podcasting
  • The importance of pivoting for podcasters
  • How to decide what content resonates most with your audience
  • Why you need to start your podcast content strategy with the right questions
  • How to use your value proposition to determine the premise of your show
  • Why the positioning of your podcast is so critical to discovery
  • Suggestions to overcome analysis paralysis
  • And much, much more!

The Show Notes