Content Marketing Success Stories: Fitness Powerhouse

Chatting about business, content strategy, and the scientific method with Sol Orwell, co-founder of


We like to let you know when we think someone’s “doing it right” — and is a terrific example of a successful business built completely on the strength of high-authority content.

My favorite quote from the interview was:

We’re not here to be e-famous. -Sol Orwell

Examine brings together a team of genuine experts, analyzing and synthesizing complex research to reach a wider audience.

In this 28-minute episode, I talk with Examine’s co-founder, Sol Orwell, about:

  • The advantages to staying away from artificial “positioning” that doesn’t serve the audience
  • Why has a more evergreen model than many content-based businesses
  • The team culture that allows for intense collaboration and an ultra high-quality result
  • The hard thing about content that hardly anyone does (and is a key to success)
  • The chocolate chip cookie factor Sol’s got going these days …


The Show Notes