When to Shift Your Side Hustle Into Your Main Thing

As Brian has previously discussed on Unemployable, everyone at every level usually has a side hustle going on. It’s the process by which we leverage what we’re doing now to do the next, bigger, and more gratifying thing.


This week, Brian welcomes Nathan Barry to the show to discuss how he turned his side project into his main thing.

Sometimes the signals are clear that the side project is ready to become the main thing (or at least part of your ever-expanding main thing). Other times, it takes a serious gut check and a leap of faith in the direction you truly want to go.

Nathan Barry created a remarkable business for himself at a young age. And now he’s becoming seriously well-known thanks to the success of ConvertKit — an email service for professional bloggers.

You probably don’t know, however, that not long ago ConvertKit was a languishing side project to Nathan’s main business.

Hear the advice, and the leap of faith, that brought this SaaS project to the forefront – with stunning results.

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The Show Notes