How to Kill Your Sales and Mess up Your Business: Lessons from a Used Car Salesman

When does traditional sales advice actually push prospects further away?

We’re returning this week to selling … the effective kind, and the other kind.

In this 25-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Stereotypical “used car salesman” techniques that can wreck your sales
  • Why hiding your prices can make you invisible to the clients and customers you want
  • How putting prospects down can get you a business you hate
  • The “Jekyll and Hyde” effect that comes when you try not to be “too salesy”
  • How to time your selling signals so they aren’t weird, intrusive, or creepy

The Show Notes

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  • I write about mindset, writing, and content quality on my personal blog, Remarkable Communication
  • Feel free to say hi or ask a question over on LinkedIn @soniasimone — or I always enjoy hearing from you right here in the comments 🙂