Ask Us Anything (LinkedIn Edition), Part 2

Jabez LeBret finishes our two-part series where he answers your burning questions about all things LinkedIn. It’s another great episode!

In this show, you’ll learn about company pages, someone who doesn’t want to join LinkedIn (gasp!), one more great way to connect, how to get found on Profinder, and more about keywords on LinkedIn.

You’ll also hear a great discussion about groups, profile results, how to authentically connect with new people, tips to discovering if a connection request is spam or not, and so much more.

Find out the answers to your burning questions, questions you didn’t even know you had …

  • Whether it’s a good idea to start a new LinkedIn group
  • Tips and tactics for keywords and how to get found online
  • Great connection tips for new contacts
  • How to get found on Profinder
  • If a new connection request might be spam
  • Much, much more …

The Show Notes