The Ultimate Faceoff: Facebook vs. LinkedIn

Sean Jackson and Jon Loomer go head-to-head in an epic battle between Facebook and LinkedIn. Who wins? You decide …

Ladies and Gentlemen, in one corner we have Jon Loomer with Facebook and its 1.5 billion users. But Sean Jackson is not intimidated with LinkedIn and its 380 million users in the other corner.

Which is better for your business? What statistics make sense to use? We did our homework using many different resources and Sean makes the case for LinkedIn throughout this too close to call fight.

Did you know

  • LinkedIn is the third-fastest-growing social network
  • LinkedIn sends nearly four times as many people to your homepage than Twitter and Facebook
  • LinkedIn can make your life better by avoiding work on evenings, late afternoons, and weekends

In this intense episode, Jon Loomer, Facebook Marketing Strategist, shares his passion for Facebook while Sean Jackson brings the heat with the benefits of LinkedIn. You’ll gain a better understanding of the best marketing platform and strategy for your business. May the best channel win for your ultimate success!

You’ll learn more about:

  • Current statistics on Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Understand where you really want your customers to be
  • Why having a marketing budget is so important
  • How to tell bad ads from good ads
  • Quick tips to get started with ads on Facebook
  • Quick tips to get started with ads on LinkedIn

The Show Notes