How Jay Baer Uses LinkedIn for Content Marketing

New York Times Bestselling author of Youtility Jay Baer explains how he uses LinkedIn to help drive his hugely prosperous business.

Mica and I welcome one of our favorite Content Marketing leaders of our time, Jay Baer! It may have been the baby picture that drew us in, but what he wrote made us want to book him on the show.

Being one of the first thousand members of LinkedIn, he’s seen all the changes of the platform. You’ll learn which ones he likes as well as the ones that make him wonder why. He shares why he continues to use LinkedIn actively and some of the tactics he employs.

Jay shares his history of working on LinkedIn, why he thinks it works, and how he uses it for his own hugely successful business.

And, toward the end of the show, you’ll learn what new tool he’s using with unexpected results. You’ll come away with a stronger appreciation for LinkedIn and how you can create the business you want with LinkedIn as a strong part of your plan.

In this episode, you’ll come to understand …

  • How Jay Baer really feels about LinkedIn
  • That you do need to update your articles for your LinkedIn audience
  • How every action you take has a cost
  • Why Slideshare works so well for repurposing your content
  • The ups and downs of groups on LinkedIn today
  • What’s next for Slideshare on LinkedIn (you might be surprised)


The Show Notes