Case Study: 3 LinkedIn Users Share their Specific Successes and Challenges on the Platform

Prepare to grab LinkedIn tips and information that even Mica and I didn’t expect!

Three of our Certified Content Marketers (Louisa Chan, Carin Kilby Clark, and Megan Williams) take the time to share surprising information at every bend in this non-stop episode.

Did you know that you can have different profile pages for each language you’re fluent in? We didn’t either until now. We talk through what’s working and what’s not.

Through these real-life stories, you’ll realize you’re not alone in your LinkedIn questions and challenges. You’ll be inspired to keep going, to keep posting, to keep updating your profile, and more.

In this informative episode you’ll come away with the following (plus more):

  • The “other” benefits of posting on the Pulse network
  • A surprising tip for multiple language users
  • Unexpected opportunities from simply being on LinkedIn
  • To pay or not to pay, what’s best for you?
  • Little known tools on LinkedIn that are really working
  • Learn about the successes and challenges of others that might affect you

The Show Notes