How to Create Meaningful Connections on LinkedIn

Josh Turner takes us to school and will teach you a proven process for how to create the most successful connections on LinkedIn, from beginning to end.

Do you want to learn a proven process to building the most meaningful connections on LinkedIn?

Listen in as Josh Turner teaches you how to find and create your best connections. You’ll also learn the most effective ways for reaching out to new people so they want to hear from you. Finally, you’ll understand how to foster those relationships to provide lasting business connections that create optimal success for everyone involved.

Listen in, it’s worth it.

In this 28-minute informative episode, Josh Turner will teach you …

  • How to reach out to brand new connections … the right way
  • Why being proactive is way better than waiting
  • How to increase your number of connections quickly
  • How to reach out as a peer and not a vendor
  • To build the perfect community you want to do business with
  • How to be productive on LinkedIn in just 30 minutes a day
  • To not be forgotten by your connections
  • What’s important and what’s not
  • The surprising timeline to follow up with your connections

The Show Notes