No. 044 Build Authority, not Celebrity (Because Broccoli is Better Than Pixy Stix)

Do you want people to know you and hear you? Or do you want people to trust you and listen to you? It’s the choice between building authority and celebrity, and it’s this week’s topic on The Showrunner.

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Now onto this week’s main topic.

Be an authority, not a celebrity

Jerod had the idea for this topic, spurred by a conversation he had at a recent conference where he spoke.

During this week’s episode, Jerod and Jonny discuss …

  • Why the difference between authority and celebrity is much more than semantics
  • How Brian Clark and Gary Vaynerchuk exemplify the profound difference between authority and celebrity
  • How to know if you are too focused on celebrity and need a mindset shift — simply by the metrics you’re looking at
  • Why it’s better to be useful than good
  • And how your focus on authority, rather than celebrity, is good not just for your audience, but for your own state of mind too

Oh — and why authority is like broccoli and celebrity is like Pixy Stix, and why that ridiculous analogy matters.

It’s a fun discussion that we hope you’ll enjoy and find useful.

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