How Musicians and Screenwriters are Using LinkedIn: Success Stories Part One

A musician and a screenwriter log into LinkedIn, what happens next? They find their audience, their peers, their community, and some of their best connections. Find out how they did it …

We’re so excited to have our very first show of LinkedIn Success Stories! These are people just like you making great things happen on LinkedIn.

About our LinkedIn Success Guests Today:

Roman Bruni is a story development artist, enhancing stories with emotion and blending screenplay writing with soft marketing.

He worked briefly for the European Script Fund in London, published a book on screenplay writing that got an endorsement from the Motion Picture Association – Latin America, which is currently being translated to English. Roman currently lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Dave Ruch is a full-time performer and teaching artist whose work has been featured on American Public Media, in Emmy Award-winning documentaries, and on stages across North America and the U.K.

His professional development blog for performing artists is entitled “Educate and Entertain: A Great Living in the Arts,” and he also writes for musicians on The Huffington Post.

Sean takes our two successful LinkedIn guests through a series of questions so you can find out what they did right. Roman Bruni and Dave Ruch have found strong engagement and success on LinkedIn.

In this episode, you’ll learn …

  • Why LinkedIn isn’t just for marketers
  • How to find your people on LinkedIn
  • What to do with your Pulse posts to get further reach
  • How (and why) different cultures affect your strategy
  • About teaching, transforming, and transacting
  • How LinkedIn can automatically build your expertise
  • Why you need to join the appropriate groups (and what to do once you’re in them)
  • What our guests suggest you do and what not to do
  • The Show Notes