How to Create Videos and SlideShare Presentations that LinkedIn Loves

Listen in as two expert guests share how you can create videos and SlideShares that work for LinkedIn. It’s easier than you think …

Your content is worth more when shared in different formats. You’ll want to listen closely to this episode as you learn valuable information you can put to use right away, by creating visually appealing videos and SlideShare presentations from your already-created content.

Scott Skibell, a valuable member of our Missing Link LinkedIn group, shares why video is so important for deepening your connection with your audience. Scott explains how to get started, the costs, what types of videos you can create, and much more.

Think you need expensive video equipment to make great content? Take a look at what you can accomplish with just your iPhone …

But wait, there’s more!

Our very own Pamela Wilson delivers the start-to-finish process of choosing your content to present on SlideShare, resources to choosing the best images, all the way to some ever important call to action tips and tricks.

This article: The 3-Step Journey of a Remarkable Piece of Content, converted to SlideShare has over 31,000 views (and counting)? You can check it out here.

Whoa, check out the number of views for this article about writing a damn good sentence as a SlideShare presentation. Seeing the benefits?

In this value-packed episode, Scott Skibell and Pamela Wilson share practical tips and tools to get you started today with repurposing your valuable content into video and SlideShare presentations on LinkedIn. It’s time to add this incredibly powerful visual element to your online presence and this is where to start!

In this show, you’ll learn …

  • Why video works so well for your online presence
  • How to get started creating videos
  • What types of videos you can create
  • The most important element of video
  • Why the ‘Rule of 3’ is critical
  • How to choose your content that will easily convert to SlideShare
  • Where to get your images (plus resources)
  • How to guide your audience exactly where you want them to go

The Show Notes