Becoming a Student of the ‘School of Greatness’, with Lewis Howes

What does it truly take to achieve greatness? In this chat, Chris and the School of Greatness founder, Lewis Howes discuss the launch of his new book, relationships and why you become what you envision yourself being.

Being a student of great leaders is the best way to become one yourself, and here to share how he’s done that is Lewis Howes.

Lewis is the founder of School of Greatness, a brand that has created a movement with millions of fans around the globe, one of the top-rated podcasts on iTunes and now a soon-to-be best-selling book with the same name.

On this episode Lewis and I talk about how to be great no matter what you’re doing, how he makes time for his health and well-being, how he’s approached building relationships with influencers and his upcoming book tour for his first book School of Greatness.

In this 41 minute episode Lewis Howes and I discuss:

  • What does greatness mean to him?
  • To be better, you’ve got to be what?
  • Why giving first has been his philosophy, and how it’s paying off.
  • Who are some of his biggest mentors?
  • Why I think the word “hustle” is overused.
  • Much, much more!

The Show Notes