How to Write a Book In 8 Hours and Get More Media Attention

Jabez LeBret shares his secret sauce for writing a book fast, and getting the attention of the media. Yes, it can be done, and you’ll learn exactly how in this show.

Jabez shares exactly how to write a book in under eight hours (yes, coffee is a requirement).

And then, do you want more media attention? Listen in to find out just how to pitch journalists and get found. Remember, they are always looking for superior content, just like you are.

In this episode you’ll learn …

  • When opportunity knocks, it’s best to say YES
  • How to become your own journalist
  • The vital importance of real relationships
  • Why including outside data sources is so important for your articles
  • That journalists are looking for great content, just like you are!
  • How to pitch a journalist so they actually hear you (and respond)
  • A fabulous secret to becoming a #1 best selling author
  • What it takes (coffee at least) to write a book in under 8 hours
  • When done is better than perfect
  • How to become a subject matter expert
  • That it takes work and diligence to get where you want to go … but it’s worth it!

The Show Notes