Make Better Mondays! 6 Minutes to a Happier, More Productive Week

Creative productivity is all about habits. Here’s a super quick weekly ritual (you could even do it daily) to have a brilliant week … every week

It’s a funny paradox — if you want to be more productive, especially as a creative professional, the best thing you can do for your output is to establish regular rituals.

But as busy as we are today, an hour every morning to meditate might not be in the cards. Here’s a six-minute ritual you can do weekly (or daily) to boost your productivity — and your happiness.

Drop me a comment if you use any or all of these, and let me know how they work for you!

In this 18-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Four painless steps to put you into a more productive mindset
  • The powerhouse technique (backed by science!) to improve your attitude and energy levels
  • A simple tweak to help you set your priorities — it’s easy and it actually works
  • The one-minute sanity preserver — you can use this any time you’re feeling crummy

The Show Notes