How to Become a ‘10% Entrepreneur’

My guest today is a venture capitalist, private equity investor, author, and 10% Entrepreneur.

He spent a nearly a decade on Wall Street before becoming the founder and managing partner at Dirigo Advisors. At Dirigo, he invests in, advises, and holds a diverse portfolio of companies across the U.S., Asia, and Latin America.

My guest is also the author of the brand new book “The 10% Entrepreneur”, written to help you live your startup dream without quitting your day job.

Now, let’s hack …

Patrick McGinnis.

In this 43-minute episode Patrick McGinnis and I discuss:

  • Creating a supportive network of talented individuals that you can tap into for the entirety of your career
  • The importance of aligning a business idea with the passions and strengths of its founder
  • How Patrick turned his unfortunate career circumstances into the concept for “The 10% Entrepreneur”
  • Striking a balance between humility and confidence when pitching new ideas

The Show Notes