What Happens at the Crossroads of Content and Social Media

Marketing today, especially online marketing, is all about intersections. So don’t think about doing content or email or multimedia or social — they’re all woven together into one cohesive experience for your customer.

This one is a riff on a talk I gave last week at the Inbound conference in Boston. It’s not an exact recap (that’s not how I work), but a discussion of some of the same points and themes.

In this 16-minute episode, I talk about:

  • Whether social media should be used for engagement or for content promotion
  • Why “Or” is for wussies, and what to use instead (when you can swing it)
  • The relationship between content, the conversation, and the customer experience
  • Some examples of who’s doing it right
  • 5 recommendations on areas of focus as you’re putting your content and social media program together

The Show Notes