How to Overcome Shiny Object Syndrome

My guest today is an entrepreneur and businesswoman, speaker, business adviser, and the author of the Amazon bestseller, EXIT! 12 Steps to Sell Your Business for the Price You Deserve.

She is the founder and CEO of The WELL. Through her company my guest helps entrepreneurs who want to grow and eventually sell their business for a million or more. She has 25 years experience in the business world and has worked with hundreds of business owners over the last 10 years.

Now, let’s hack …

Julie Gordon White.

In this 36-minute episode Julie Gordon White and I discuss:

  • Being self-aware and “accepting the invitation”
  • The need to make time to replenish, renew, and relax
  • How to establish a Weekly Profitability Planner
  • The trick to using your Friday afternoons to be distracted

The Show Notes