4 Content and Copywriting Techniques to Build a Loyal Fan Base for Your Business

Today we’re talking about how to use copywriting and content techniques to make your readers and customers feel close to you, your brand and business. How can you make them feel like part of a special ‘insider’ club without excluding new people? Crack this and you’ll build a loyal fan base who stay tuned to everything you do.

It’s no secret that people do business with companies they ‘like, know and trust’.

In fact it’s not just business, it’s a big part of who we choose to spend our time with. Today we’re going to look at 4 specific techniques you can use to make your audience feel that …

1: They know YOU, 2: You’re both part of a special group, 3: You know THEM, and 4: That you have a genuine interest in them.

Tune in to find out

  • How a regular hook builds familiarity and confidence from an audience
  • How describing your customers’ positive traits makes them more receptive to your offer
  • How to develop an insider language that doesn’t exclude new people
  • Hit Publish Showcase: How Talia Wolf from Conversioner and Banana Splash uses her blog to sell her products and services

The Show Notes