9 Story Themes That Can Make Your Business Content Captivating

Today we are harnessing the power of publications that pull in millions of readers every single day and asking — how do they do it?

How do media organisations like newspapers present information in a way that gets people’s attention time after time? The answer lies in the powerful story angles and themes that pique our attention.

We’re going to look at what some of those themes are and see, how you can apply these styles to get similar results with your online business.

A couple of weeks ago I interviewed Joe Pulizzi who said that businesses really need to learn from how media organizations publish content.

I wanted to look at this, specifically asking what themes and styles do daily news publications use to get our attention? We’ve also got two spotlight features on a couple of smart and savvy content marketers in our new show segments. And one of them should be a very familiar voice …

Tune in to find out:

  • 9 themes (including scandal and a threat to personal safety) that sell newspapers
  • Why information isn’t enough, and why even business content should be offering an experience
  • How Kevin Duncan generated thousands of shares by putting a new twist to a topic almost EVERY blogger has written about before

The Show Notes