Start the Company that You Wish Existed

My guest today is a former punk rocker, one-time vegan grocer, and entrepreneur who starts companies that he wish existed.

When he was 17, my guest opened a grocery store that sold vegan foodstuffs upstairs and put punk shows on in the basement.

He is the founder of screen printing maverick VGKids, who’s clients include Coca-Cola, Mercedes Benz, IBM, Converse, and Nike.

He is co-founder of Whiplash, the AirBnb of product fulfillment. He stumbled into fulfillment when his friend, the tour manager for the band Modest Mouse, asked him to help run the band’s web store. With a client list consisting mainly of bands, and independent music labels, Whiplash has grown its revenue to nearly $4 million annually.

Now, let’s hack …

James Marks.

In this 32-minute episode James Marks and I discuss:

  • Being stubborn enough to wait for good things to happen
  • Meeting the IRS in a small business mohawk
  • The things you don’t monitor tend to trend poorly
  • Why you need to stare fear straight in the eye

The Show Notes